Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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From the Durand Courier Wedge, 12/3/1987


 Sent anonymously, Maiden Rock bluff is in the background

Something swimming on the Lake between Central Point and Maiden Rock. Submitted by local fishermen

Al Knudson, DVM and Steve Raymond

Ode to Pepie
I am 86 years old (2008) and lived during my childhood years in Maiden Rock Township on the Wisconsin bank of Lake Pepin. That gave me the opportunity to observe the monster, whose behavior is normally playful and peaceful until it's life is threatened. 
Millard F. Aronold
Philadelphia, PA

'Twas on Lake Pepin's sandy shore
I stood that summer day
To watch the men take in their seine
laid round the Warrentown bay.
The net was full of carp, they thought
so hard it was to pull.
A thousand pounds at least, they said
more than a lifeboat full.

They toiled and tugged all afternoon,
and then along towards night
the pocket bulged with their huge catch.
They cheered with great delight.
But suddenly all hell broke loose---
A creature raised it's head
Itis neck was ten feet long or more.
It's eyes a fiery red.

It jumped up to free itself,
and then we all could view
a monster that was nine yards long
and legs like paddles, too.
It thrashed around and tore the net,
capsized the motorboat.
It sank the lifeboat and the skiff,
left nothing still afloat.

The Captain and the crew took off
with fear and terror filled.
They waded all the way to shore
for fear they would be killed.
In town they told their horror tale
of monster versus crew.
The people  laughed and said the men  
were drunk on homemade brew.  (Prohibition 1930)

"A storm came up", the Townsfolk said,
"and wrecked the fishing gear.
Tornados strike with sudden force
about this time of year".
The Captain said that I on Shore
had watched the monster flail.
"A lad of eight" the people said
"will tell the darndest tale!"
As I relate this story now
in my declining years,
and talk about that monstrous catch,
I hear derisive jeers.
Folks look at me and grin and scoff
and say it isn't so.
Such people even disbelieve
a raven harrassed Poe.

Note; There are only three known Lake Monsters in existence today,
Champ in Lake Champlain, Nessie in Loch Ness, and Pepie in
 Lake Pepin.  -- M.F.A.

On July 9, 2008 at 10:00AM a "very large creature" was seen swimming parallel to the beach in Lake City, MN.   The creature was estimated to be between 30 and 40 feet long and was swimming upstream against the river current.  A startled motorist traveling on Highway 61 was able to pull over and get a shot of the "creature"  just as it was slipping back beneath the waves.

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