Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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Local Group announces $50,000 reward !

Local Businessman, Larry Nielson, in collaboration with the Lake City Tourism Bureau has announced a $50,000 (u.s.) reward for undisputable evidence that proves the existence of the real live creature living in Lake Pepin, commonly referred to as "Pepie" .   The proof should include photographics and/or samples of skinor fins that can studied for a DNA analysis. Any photos submitted will be posted on this website.  Photos and speciman samples will be turned over to the University of Minnesota Biology Department for verfication.  Upon verification from the University that the photo and the DNA samples verifies the existence of a previously un-cataloged creature living in Lake Pepin, the reward will be paid within 60 days.  Photos should include visible landmarks, villages, or Lake Pepin's paddlwheel boat "Pearl of the Lake" in them to verify the photos were actually taken on Lake Pepin.

CAUTION!  It is mandatory that Pepie not be harmed in any way by efforts to photograph it or take samples.  Harming the aquatic creature would probably violate both Minnesota and Wisconsin Game and Fish regulations. 

Any irregularities or discrepencies may disqualify a submitted photo and/or DNA sample soley at the discretion of Larry Nielson and the Lake City Tourism Bureau.

Submit photos by email to;

or by United States Postal Service to; Help Find Pepie

                                                                     C/O Larry Nielson

                                                                     100 Central Point Road

                                                                     Lake City, MN   55041


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Explore Minnesota presented Lake City businessman and promoter, Larry Nielson, with an “Award of Excellence” at the annual Tourism Conference that was held in Brainerd on January 26 and 27, 2010.  The award was for marketing Pepie, the local lake monster that lives in Lake Pepin. According to Explore Minnesota; “The Pepie promotion received local, national, and even world wide publicity!  It is one of the most innovative, successful, and cost effective tourism promotions ever done in the State of Minnesota. Prior to Nielson’s marketing campaign, if you Googled Lake Pepin Monster you would get less than 20 hits. Today you will get over 8,000 hits!” The emphasis of the promotion was a $50,000 reward offered by the Lake City Tourism Bureau to anyone that can conclusively prove the existence of Pepie. Nielson is a founding member of the Tourism Bureau and the promotion's originator. You can get more information at Pepie’s website

Explore Minnesota Director, John Edman (right) presents an
"Award of Excellence" to Larry Nielson for his promotion of Pepie!

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