Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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Legend & Myth
The legend of  Pepie derives from the numerous sightings of an unexplained creature or creatures surfacing from the depths of Lake Pepin. These sightings have taken place from both ship and shore.  To date, none of these sightings have confirmed the existence of a new biological species.  Hopefully that fact will change in the next few years as many people try to obtain undisbutable evidence of Pepie's existence!

Like most legends, Pepie is also a mythological creature.  The myths are even more colorful and fantastic than the legend!  Local mythology claims that Pepie is a shy, gentle, and playful creature.  He (or is it a "she") especially loves to play on the surface of Lake Pepin when the waters are very, very calm and reflect the skyline of the beautiful  forested bluffs that surround the Lake.  When a full moon rises over the Lake, it is transormed into a magical playground that no aquatic creature can resist! Local mythology claims that one moon lit night a young lad named Ralph Samualson was standing on the shoreline of Lake Pepin and saw Pepie gliding accross the surface of the water.  He thought; "if a large aquatic creature can skim accross the water's surface, why can't I?".  A few months later Ralph invented the sport of waterskiing and ever since, Lake City has been known world wide as "the birthplace of waterskiing".

Lake Pepin is also the home to many fresh water mussels, more commonly called "clams".  These clams were once the source of a major industry on the upper Mississippi River, "Mother of Pearl"  clothing buttons.  Many factories employed thousands of people to make buttons cut from the clam shells.  These beautiful buttons were made until the advent of plastic buttons in the 1930's.  Often times a clam fisherman would find pearls in his catch.  You can still purchase fresh water "Lake Pepin Pearls" online and at certain Jewlery stores. To learn more about Mississippi River pearls and the pearl button industry, go to    

We are not saying that you will always (or ever) catch a glimpse of Pepie when you visit Lake Pepin, but we do gurantee that you will always enjoy breathtaking scenery and sights that you will cherish forever!          
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