Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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As the legend of Pepie grows, many expeditions will be launched on the waters of Lake Pepin in search of Fame and Glory.  We will chronical as many of those Expeditions as possible.
The ILMPDS Documentary Film Expedition

A documentary film crew spent the weekend on Lake Pepin trying to document the existence of the elusive underwater creature.  They employed a scuba diver, underwater camera, and sonar in their efforts.  The results will be revealed in a documentary scheduled for release in April of 2010.   The logo on their jackets is from the ILMDPS (International Lake Monster Discovery & Preservation Society).  Pictured above, left to right;

Fizz Kizer expedition guide and boat captain, Heidi Freier Film Producer and Expedition Leader, Cory Breault scuba diver, Larry Nielson Lake City businessman and promoter, Mike Blue underwater camera operator/ sonar and audio engineer, Tom House camera man, Mike Bartsch assistant director and cameraman, and Gary Peterson cameraman.
The August 16, 2008 Lake Pepin Monster Expedition
"scienta procul ullus sumptus" (science at any cost)

The Expedition Team
left to right, George Hoffman, St Paul, MN.  Novice Monster Hunter and procurer of the bait (pickled Herring),
Philip Rahman, Minneapolis, MN.  Professional monster hunter and publisher (Fedogan & Bremer) of books about monsters and the unkown. Has traveled the world in search of monsters, including Loch Ness in Scotland, South Nahani Valley in the Northwest Territory, Mount Shasta, and Black Mount in Glen Coe Scotland.

Anna Waltz, Minneapolis. Author of "Swedish Lutheran Vampires of Brainard" and creator of the Pepie Expedition theme song.  In her right hand is the giant swab used to collect DNA samples from their prey and in her left hand is the bobber for the lure. Mike Waltz, Minneapolis.  Master craftsman who built the lur, based on the teams assumption of what a baby "Pepie might look like. Dennis Weiler, (kneeling) Napa, Idaho. 

The Expedition's boat captain who has accompanied MR Rahman on several other expeditions.  Scott Wyatt, Bemidji, MN.  Cryto-zoologist and experienced monster hunter.


The Expedition Flag and Motto, Scienta Procul Ullus Sumptus (science at any cost)

This Expedition did not find Pepie but they did have a wonderful time sailing the waters on Lake Pepin and they enjoyed a fabulous clam bake on the beach afterward. 
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