Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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1871 Sightings

 From the "WABASHA COUNTY SENTINAL" newspaper dated Wednesday, April 26, 1871.


Giles Hyde and C. Page Bonney, report having seen some sort of sea monster, on Monday last, in the lake, between this and Stockholm .  It was the size of an elephant and rhinoceros, and moved through the water with great rapidity.  It is understood now, since they have told the story, that the same thing whatever it may be, has been seen on one or two other occasions.  The water in the lake is known to be very deep, whales might live in - but this is not likely to be a whale, the question is, what is it?


From the Minnesota Almanac "Book of Days" published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

April 28, 1871

"A lake monster is seen swimming on Lake Pepin".


Researchers have recently uncovered other Reports of Pepie Sightings on Lake Pepin. This include log books of early Explorations of the Upper Mississippi River and newspaper clippings in the St Louis paper pre-dating the Civil War.








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