Pepie the aquatic creature living in the depths of Lake Pepin
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The legend of Pepie

Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River, over two miles wide and 22 miles long. It forms the natural border between Minnesota and Wisconsin and is located about 60 miles south of the Twin Cities.   Surrounded by scenic bluffs and quaint villages, Lake Pepin is widely described as one of the most scenic spots in North America!

The native Dakota people that lived in the area refused to travel on Lake Pepin in bark canoes because of the large "creatures" that would rise from the depths of the Lake and puncture the thin bark skin of those canoes.  They would only travel on Lake Pepin in more stout dugout canoes that were made by hollowing out a large log.

On April 28, 1871   "a lake monster is seen swimming in Lake Pepin"  (Minnesota Almanac, published by the MN  Historical Society).  Since then,  many people have reported sightings of an unidentified creature surfacing from the depths of Lake Pepin. The locals have given this shy and elusive creature a name
; Pepie.   

Over the years the question persist, what is Pepie?  Because Lake Pepin is almost identical in size and geography to Scotland's Loch Ness (which is 23 miles long and 1.5 miles wide), many people feel that Pepie is a relative of the famous  Loch Ness creature dubbed Nessie.

Still others feel that the sightings might be surfacing schools of the huge game fish that are so abundant in the Lake.  

In an effort to solve the puzzle, we have posted a $50,000 reward for indisputable proof of Pepies existence.  Click on "News" for the details.

Lake Pepin, a photographer's dream!

You may not be lucky enough to take a photo of Pepie, but the Lake Pepin area offers so many other extraordinary photo opportunitities that you are guaranteed to take home some great shots!
Welcome to our website dedicted to Pepie.  We hope that you enjoy it and you come visit our beautiful area soon!
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